Phase II Micro Vickers Hardness Tester with Auto Turret and Video Cam

The Phase II micro-vickers hardness testers are versatile and user-friendly systems, designed for the accurate hardness testing of small precision parts, thin materials, coatings, wires and case depth determinations. The Phase II 900-391 Series micro-vickers hardness testers include Auto-Turrett, Video Cam, Adapter, USB Output Cable and a choice of 4-variants of Measurement software giving you the capabilities of machines that cost thousands more. The 900-391 Micro Vickers hardness tester covers the load range from 10g to 1kg.
Conforming to ASTM E-384/92 vickers hardness testers standards, the 900-391 series micro vickers hardness testers will offer unmatched repeatability. This micro Vickers hardness tester can also measure Knoop hardness after installing an optional knoop indentor. A perfect rugged performer suited for any environment, the Phase II vickers hardness testers are offered with a 5 year warranty and free lifetime technical support.


Hardness Test Scale

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