PRECISO Model CLM-50 is a tabletop, High-Speed Precision Sectioning Saw. The PRECISO CLM-50 uses abrasive cutoff wheels or a diamond blade, with 31.75″ arbor. A powerful 2hp motor drives the spindle, rotational speed adjustable 50-5000 rpm. This precision sectioning saw uses 3″-8″ diamond blades, has a max round cut of 50mm, traverse (depth) in X axis 200mm, Z-axis movement of 50mm. It includes an intuitive touch panel allowing easy setting of all parameters which is able to maintain 10 operator set programs that uses laser alignment for precise positioning. The CLM-50 precision sectioning saw includes a solid metal cast body with enamel paint that prevents corrosion and includes a recirculation system and vise set, for operation on 110V or 220V-1ph.


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