The CF line of metallographic abrasive cutters, S Series, is our most powerful group of abrasive cutters. These abrasive cutters are able to use cutoff wheels from 12″ (305mm) to large blades of 20″ (508mm). the S-Series abrasive cutters are capable of cutting pieces of up to 6″ (150mm) in diameter, with a cutting depth of 18″ (450mm), and a cutting height of 250mm. A strong hydraulic system drives both the stainless steel bed and cutoff wheel movement. (Please see Product Sheets to download a spec sheet).  Features include:

  • Meter display of motor load
  • Easy store magnetic spray gun for cleaning
  • Auto shut-off system to protect user
  • Auto return at end of cut
  • Cam lock vises included
  • Stainless steel T-slot bed
  • Corrosion resistant construction

CF-S Abrasive Cutters Specifications

MOTOR POWER5hp10hp15hp
MAX DIAMETER CUT90mm/3.5″120mm/4.75″150mm/5.9″
CUTTING BLADE305mm/12″360mm/14″508mm/20″
CUTTING DEPTH, TRAVERSE260mm/10.25″360mm/14″450mm/17.75″
FEEDING METHODManual or Automatic


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