Low Viscosity Epoxy Resin

Dries clear. Low viscosity for porous specimens. 45-60 minute cure. Ultrathin does not need heat to cure. However, heating does make it thinner and cure faster. Can be cured at room temperature and does not have the yellow color that some epoxys have. (Eg. Buehler’s EpoHeat.) When it cures it has no smell. This product is comparable to Beuhler’s EpoThin.

-Mix 10-parts epoxy resin with 1-part by weight of epoxy hardener.
-Blend mixture thoroughly.
-Pour into mold immediately.
-Allow to cure at room temperature. For larger amounts, external cooling may be required.

Insufficient mixing can cause this product to not work properly! The resin and hardener need to mixed until they become clear and then mix for another 15-20 seconds.
If temperatures are cool, this can be a factor during the curing process for the epoxy. For those who have a low temperature oven (between 80-100 degrees Celcius) that can help to move along the reaction. You won’t want to cure it at that temperature – but letting it begin to cure at that temperature may help.


32 oz., Gallon


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