SAMPLE: Abrasive Grinding Discs: wet or dry preparations, Silicon Carbide C Weight, PSA (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive) Paper

FINE grit is a slurry coated abrasive disc, and leave a finer finishing polish. Regular abrasive discs are elctrostatically coated.

SAMPLE AMOUNT:  box of 5.

Other sizes available upon request!

Abrasive Disc Hole Type

No Hole

Disc Adhesive Type

Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

Product Family

Abrasive Discs


Grit 1000, Grit 120, Grit 1200, Grit 180, Grit 240, Grit 320, Grit 400, Grit 60, Grit 600, Grit 80, Grit 800

Abrasive Disc Material

Silicon Carbide

Abrasive Disc Size



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