TERAPRESS Automatic mounting pneumatic press with programmable mounting times up to 99 minutes with water cooling. Touch pad front panel controls for digital display of heating time, molding temperature, cooling temperature, ram up/down, and a direct reading pressure gauge. Self contained bench design, integral heating and cooling, molding temperature 575F (300C), thermostatically controlled heating power of 900 W, automatic cooling cycle and audiable cooling temperature or set cooling time control. Selectable mold sizes range from 1-inch to 2.0-inch diameter.

Feature Specification
Mount size 1 to 2-inch diameter
Electrical Specification 110V / 220V
60 Hz
Heating Specification 950 Watts
Thermostat range Max 575F (300C)
Pressure Variable
Cooling system Water
Dimensions (W x L x H) 12″ x 20″ x 26″


Molds and Accessories

Option Part Number
1-in diameter mounting assembly TP-0100
1.25-in diameter mounting assembly TP-0125
1.5-in diameter mounting assembly TP-0150
2-in diameter mounting assembly TP-020
1-in spacer for double mounts TPS-0100
1.25-in spacer for double mounts TPS-0125
1.5-in spacer for double mounts TPS-0150
2-in spacer for double mounts TP-0200
Mounting Press

TERAPRESS Pneumatic Automatic Compression Mounting Press


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